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Blog5 Health Niche Ideas (+ BONUS Content & Product Ideas)

5 Health Niche Ideas (+ BONUS Content & Product Ideas)

3 years ago 3 Minutes

A successful niche falls somewhere on the spectrum of being specialized without being too restrictive. It is a market that is small enough to become a trusted resource in, yet large enough to generate a sizable income.

The health & fitness industry is a profitable market to compete in - especially when you learn some of Google's health-focused algorithm tricks. This is also a popular industry due to the potential to make a meaningful difference in your customers' lives.

Here are our top trending niches to consider tapping your affiliate marketing into as well as some bonus products.

1. Keto Diet

The ketogenic (keto) diet has been trending as a revolutionary diet, with countless Facebook groups and forums swooning over its benefits. However, the keto diet has one major flaw - it is complex. This is where affiliate marketing websites that can provide comprehensive guides, lists, and products for the keto diet have an opportunity for major success.

Content ideas: What Type of Coffee Can be Enjoyed on the Keto Diet, 50 Foods to Avoid on Keto, Delicious Keto Substitutes, Apple Cider Vinegar for Keto - The Facts.

Supplements to Align Your Keto Brand With:

- Keto Trim

- Raspberry Ketone Plus

- CLA2000

- Green Coffee Plus

- Apple Cider Vinegar Pure

2. Cutting For Bodybuilding

The bodybuilding cycle has two main phases: bulking and cutting. The cutting phase involves a blend of diet, training and cardio to help reveal shredded muscle and give a lean appearance. Bodybuilding on the whole likely couldn't be considered niche, however by becoming an expert in one vital (and hard to master!) element of bodybuilding, your website is more likely to stand out from the crowd.

Content ideas: Best Types of Cardio for Cutting, Gut Health - Cutting's Best Friend, Why You Should Avoid Injecting Steroids

Supplements Your Cutting Audience Will Love:

- Max Gains ‘Cutting' range

- Garcinia Cambogia Plus

- Raspberry Ketone Plus

- Probiotica

- Slendarol

3. Women's health

Women have specific needs with their health, especially surrounding their kidney, thyroid and urinary tract systems. For some women, urinary tract problems are recurring throughout their lives. These issues can sometimes be embarrassing, which is part of the genius behind being a resource on women's health. Your website has potential to provide women advice anonymously and allow them to order products and services without needing to physically grab an item off the shelf.

Content ideas: Online Clinics are Revolutionizing Embarrassing Doctors Visits, The Best Stress Remedies for 2020, Hate UTI's? Try These Prevention Techniques

Popular Women's Health Supplements & Services

- Kidney Support

- Thyroid Support

- 121doc

- Vitall

- Urinary Tract Support

4. The Immune System

A healthy immune system is something that is relevant to everyone; some more than others. This website has the potential to be especially popular with parents, the elderly or anyone who is at risk from their environment - think hospitality staff, money handlers, masseuses, etc .

Content Ideas: 13 Natural Immune System Helpers, How the Immune System Depends on Sleep, The Best Spices for the Immune System, Why We Should Increase Paid Sick Days, Turmeric's Benefits for the Immune System

Supplements for Your Immunity Brand

- Immune Support

- VitalSleep

- Turmeric Curcumin Plus

- Turmeric & Ginger

- Immune Complex

5. Gut Health

This is a topic we see trending strongly in the future; why not beat the crowds? Recent research has opened the floodgates of media sharing the wide-reaching benefits of gut health. We would expect this trend to continue to rise in popularity.

Content Ideas: What is the Difference Between Probiotics and Prebiotics?, Who Should Do a Colon Cleanse, The Effects of Gut Health on Mental Health

- Probiotic 40-Billion

- Digestive Enzymes

- Colon Detox Plus

Need more niche ideas? Reach out to your Affiliate Manager today!

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