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BlogChoosing a product to promote? Check this first

Choosing a product to promote? Check this first

3 years ago 5 Minutes

Why it’s important to have a genuine belief in the products you’re promoting.

From the early 2000’s right through to the 20-tens, the digital marketing landscape has undergone consistent, phenomenal growth. The evolution of online sales has been underpinned by technological advances such as the smartphone, 3G and 4G mobile networks, the rapid spread of WiFi, ADSL, VDSL, and now gigabit Fibre internet connections. More data, more resolution, faster processors, more mobile devices, and cheaper electronics are all things we take for granted, year on year.

The changes have been so intense, most of us don’t really consider how much we’ve learned about the internet and the tech that lets us access it. Children of 4 years old can adeptly use tablets to access the internet these days. And throughout the relentless progression of the internet, scammers, villains, black-hats, fraudsters, and crooks have all tested and tried every angle of technological and psychological manipulation they can to squeeze money out of naïve web-surfers.

As an internet-going society, we’ve collectively grown wary, and weary, of illegitimate actors online.

It’s 2020. Online marketing has exploded due to rolling waves of disease. Physical distancing has decimated the incomes of brick-and-mortar stores and mom-and-pop traders who have no website. All the desperate fragments and gold-dust of consumers’ persistent need to spend have begun settling across a mountainous range of niches, categories, web-stores, retailers, and wholesalers.

Reviews, once reliable pointers from friendly folks, have lost most of their meaning – now paid for in bulk and provided by account farms in foreign countries. Even the most gullible reader now tastes a pinch of salt, a touch of doubt, that lurking feeling that even if this particular review is legit, there are others nearby that are not.

Consumers, as a whole, can see through a lack of authenticity. Whether they know it or not, the average customer feels a qualitative reaction to the intention behind a piece of writing, an image, a layout, a domain name, or a product. Things are not the same for marketers as they were 25 years ago. Sure, some of the old tricks work on the tail end of consumers. But to make real money, efficiently, you have to target the middle few standard deviations of customer’s skepticism, and those people are vigilant.

The only way through the invisible filter for referral fidelity is genuine interest from the marketer themselves.

If you want to proffer a product in 2021 you had better believe in it. For IRL brokers, interpersonal skills, trust, and word-of-mouth referrals bring clients and commissions. As digital brokers, we have more to prove. Body language plays no role and is replaced by subtleties of design, connections, written language, and tone.

Unless you’re a master of text, honesty always sells best.

And in a roundabout way that brings me to my point. Choose something to promote that excites you. Or something that affects you directly, or affects someone you love. You will have more to say, and what you do say will be more from the heart. You’re more likely to get the facts right, to understand your target market, and to truly believe in the value of the product. A bit of authentic energy will shine through, and consumers love that.

Spend a little time sifting through all the offers on HealthTrader. Find one that you can relate to, and promote it from your personal interest and experience. For all the advice floating around on affiliate forums and articles about keywords, few speak to the painfully simple idea that if you promote something in a relatable way, customers will convert.

And the best way to be relatable is to be personal.

Looking for an affiliate offer you can truly back? Check out the extensive range on HealthTrader.

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