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BlogShared Affiliate Review - Cilexin

Shared Affiliate Review - Cilexin

3 years ago 15 Minutes

What supplements can support my sex life?

For most guys, strong sexual performance isn’t a given.

Some of the bros I know turn to prescription medications to support their sex life. I can’t help but question their approach when they eat badly, drink too much, smoke, and treat sleep like a chore. I don’t necessarily have anything against those blue pills, but the more I looked into it, the more I realized I wanted a daily, long-term supplement rather than a one-off silver bullet. In my experience, health is everything.

Where I’m from, those prescription medications cost more than $30 for one tablet at my local Walmart. A friend told me about Cilexin and I knew I had to give it a go. Cilexin is a male performance supplement that can be purchased without a prescription. It can only be purchased online, something many men might prefer over having a checkout operator.

Currently, Cilexin goes for $39.99USD for one bottle, a 30-day supply. This is about $0.66 per tablet, which is on the upper-end of male performance supplements.

Benefits of Cilexin

While you can’t control your environment or your partner’s mood, there are a few things you can support to do your part:

  • Mood - If you’re feeling tired, anxious, angry, whatever - sexual performance is affected. When the mood is right, you can feel aroused.
  • Relationship - Your connection with your partner is more important than we’ve been taught as men. Resentment is a serious mood killer. Respect and trust are major mood-boosters, no matter how much that grates your masculine sensibilities. The smallest of issues can get in the way, so find a way to talk things through or at least put them aside for the night.
  • Arousal - Arousal is mood going another step further. Arousal means increased responsiveness to the senses - both mental and physical. Touch, smell, sight, hearing, and thought are all more sensitive when you’re aroused.
  • Body - It takes a well-nourished body to perform. Modern diets often don’t provide optimal vitamins and minerals. Men’s health nutrients like zinc are essential, and certain bioactive herbs can support the body’s response. Regular exercise is also key to sexual performance. Keep fit, keep your blood pumping.

For men in my position, Cilexin works to support the foundations of their performance; mood, arousal, and sexual health. Let’s dive into the research I’ve found that backs these claims.

Supports Mood

When people talk about getting ready for sex, they often say things like “getting in the mood”. It’s often assumed that men are always ‘ready to go’ but that’s simply a myth. I think that idea is just a combination of optimism and being ‘cocksure’ (meaning over-confident; pun intended). Especially for men, mood can have a strong effect on sexual performance.[i]

There are some ways to support your mood that should be considered before supplementation. Sure, supplements can help give you confidence, but so can getting enough sleep, eating well, and working to improve your relationships.

When taking other steps to set the mood, the Cilexin formula can help give you the confidence to perform. For me personally, I’ve found that taking it gives me a confidence boost because I know I’m getting support from it. That confidence really works for me. Your mileage may vary of course.

Supports Sexual Arousal

So let’s assume the mood is set. You feel relaxed, content, and ready for a good night. The next step is arousal. Arousal is a state of alertness, essentially the opposite of sleep. Sexual arousal is feeling alert and sensitive to the things that ‘float your boat’.

Despite what you may believe, arousal isn’t your body’s response to stimulation. Arousal is actually more about how your mind responds to and interprets stimulation. Yep, that’s right, arousal is (almost) all in your head, both consciously and unconsciously.

Arousal is primarily controlled by the reticular activating system (RAS) in the brain. All of your senses come in through the RAS apart from scent - sight, touch, taste - all of which can be an integral part of sexual arousal.

Supports Sexual Health

Ever want to be aroused but you just don’t feel it? This can be pretty frustrating but it happens to all men at some point. Cilexin aims to support both the body and mind sexually.

The Cilexin formula includes some great ingredients for men’s sexual health, including a few that I read about in forums. L-Arginine is a key nutrient for the body’s Nitric Oxide (NO) system. NO is a key blood vessel signaling molecule, and the penis uses a kind of highly-evolved blood vessel, the corpus cavernosum. Tongkat Ali has been used for centuries to support libido. Ginseng can support blood vessel health and is a source of ‘ginsenosides’ that have been shown to support vitality and mood.[ii]

These are just a few of the ingredients found in Cilexin; let’s look at them in more depth.

The Cilexin Blend

Cilexin includes traditional herbal extracts that have been validated in modern science, the essential mineral zinc, as well as the amino acid L-Arginine. Compared to other supplements on the market, the Cilexin formula is quite special for including the best of the old and the new.

Key Ingredients


This amino acid is a key ingredient in the Cilexin formula. Something many men know is good blood flow is so important for sexual performance. L-Arginine is the precursor to Nitric Oxide (NO), which in turn supports arousal by supporting muscle tone and blood vessel function. L-arginine has also been shown to support the metabolism via the same NO pathway.[iii]

Nitric oxide is needed for the muscles in the penis to relax. Once relaxed, the chambers in the penis can fill with blood, resulting in an erection.[iv]


Maca is a traditional wellness plant that naturally grows in the South American Andes mountain range. It has been associated with support for libido in healthy adult men.[v]

Tongkat Ali

If you have looked for natural help for men’s libido, you have probably come across Tongkat Ali before. For centuries men have been using this herbal remedy in Southeast Asia.

Modern science is beginning to back what men in Southeast Asia have known to be true for centuries. A meta-study (a report on existing scientific research) in 2017 found that there was ‘convincing evidence’ for the use of Tongkat Ali to support male sexual health.[vi]

Another peer-reviewed paper from 2016 lists evidence for Tongkat Ali’s support for male reproductive health, along with support for the immune system, calming mood, and healthy hormone levels. ‘Quassinoids’ are among the most well-known key compounds in Tongkat Ali.[vii]

Panax Ginseng

Panax Ginseng (Asian Ginseng or Red Ginseng) is a plant that has been widely used in Asian traditional wellness practices. This plant must be grown for five years before being harvested, meaning high-quality Panax Ginseng commands a steep price. This makes me appreciate the 125mg Ginseng Eleutherococcus Blend in Cilexin even more!

The ginseng itself kind of looks like a person, with a bulb for a head, and shoots for arms and legs. It is for this reason that traditional herbalists considered it a full-body botanical. The body function we are interested in is blood vessel health. Blood vessel health is a key part of male sexual health. Ginseng is also found to support other areas of male sexual health.[viii]

Proprietary Blend

The proprietary blend accounts for just under half of the Cilexin formula. Ingredients include extracts of sarsaparilla root, pumpkin seed, Muira Puama bark, oat straw, astragalus root, licorice root, oyster, as well as nettle, cayenne pepper, Catuaba bark, Tribulus Terrestris, orchic substance, and boron. Let’s examine a few of these ingredients in a bit more depth:

I recognized Tribulus Terrestris immediately; it is the key ingredient in my bodybuilding supplement! There are lofty claims on the internet about this herb, but the only solid research I could find talked about supporting anaerobic (strength) performance[ix] and libido in men.[x]

Muira Pauma bark is frequently used in combination with other ingredients for libido and sexual health. Research for this bark is pretty limited, but interesting.

As for the other ingredients in the proprietary blend, the jury is still out. Maybe they support sexual performance, maybe they support general health, maybe they’re in there for another reason. In my opinion, they’re secondary to the other botanical and mineral ingredients in the Cilexin formula.

From looking into the ingredients, I can see why my friend was raving about Cilexin. I like that the ingredients support both sexual health and mood, as some formulas focus on just the physical. Any man in my position knows that great sexual performance is about both the physical and the emotional.

Serving Size and Cautions

There is more to great sex than just an erection. Just having an erection doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be able to have enjoyable sex! It’s arguably more important to support the foundation of sexual health. That may be one of the reasons why Cilexin doesn’t offer ‘instant erections’. Instead, it offers mood and sexual health support.

If you’re looking for an ‘instant erection pill’ or something to increase erect penis size, Cilexin doesn’t work like that. Cilexin can provide nutrients in support of overall erectile health, but it's not a treatment for erectile dysfunction. It’s right there on the bottle: Cilexin is not intended to prevent, cure, or treat any disease.

Otherwise, if you are looking for something to complement your holistic approach to a healthy sex life, and want nutritional support for your sexual health and arousal, give Cilexin a go.

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