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Blog1 Year of Blog Ideas for Fitness Affiliate Marketers

1 Year of Blog Ideas for Fitness Affiliate Marketers

3 years ago 10 Minutes

Hello fitness bloggers and affiliate marketers. Happy New Year!

Many of the bloggers I know put it in their resolutions to blog more. After all, blogging frequently brings in larger audiences. Larger audiences mean more affiliate link clicks. More link clicks can lead to more sales.

In theory, blogging more seems easy enough. But when you’re sitting in front of your computer at 11pm with a blank Word Doc and zero ideas, it can be quite daunting. To get you started, here is a year’s worth of blog ideas for fitness bloggers and affiliate marketers.

These blog ideas can be tweaked however you want. We also have a range of fitness affiliate offers available on Health Trader to start earning commission from your fitness blog.

1. New Year’s Resolutions that Actually Work

Write an article about resolutions people can actually stick to. Consider trending exercise regimes and interesting new physical hobbies. This can also be an opportunity to mention any of your favorite products that help people achieve their goals.

2. Morning Stretches of Flexible People

Flexibility is key to many fitness routines. Regular stretching is associated with health benefits. Suggest some stretches that can be easily incorporated into someone’s daily routine.

3. Affordable Ways to be Fit, Without the Gym

Write an article about health hacks that have minimal costs. Not everyone can afford a gym membership, after all! This is a good opportunity to link some of your cheaper affiliate offers.

4. Best Workout Songs for 2021

Who doesn’t love to work out to a great beat? List some of your favorite tunes for lifting weights, slapping the treadmill, or stretching in yoga.

5. 3 Secrets to Delicious and Nutritious Smoothies

From protein shakes to green smoothies, fitness fanatics have different smoothies for gaining season and shredding season.

6. Exercises You Can Do with Kettlebells

Many people have a pair of kettlebells lying around, yet have little idea of what to do with these weights. Tailor some workouts around this equipment.

7. Less-Carby Alternatives To Popular Foods

Cutting carbs is a great idea for many people looking to shred. Could you substitute ground cauliflower for rice? Spiralized vegetables for pasta? You tell me!

8. Benefits of Exercise for Joint Health

Exercising joints seems counterintuitive for joint health. Surely if something is damaged you should use it less, right? The answer might surprise you!

9. Restoring Gut Flora For a Healthier You

One of our affiliate offers is a probiotic especially for those looking to support their fitness regimes. Gut health can determine fitness and weight loss success. Look up the ‘gut-brain axis.’ This topic can reach a huge number of health genres.

10. Core Exercises For Your Dream Summer Bod

A slim tummy or revealing that six-pack: whatever your core goal is, list some ideas for core exercises. Make them tailored to your audience. Posture is a kind of core exercise that’s relevant to almost everyone.

11. Weight Loss Ideas You Might Not Have Tried

Write an article with suggestions for losing weight. This may be an opportunity to mention some of your weight loss affiliate offers. Good intentions are often thwarted by a lack of time or energy, leading to people choosing alternatives - like your promoted offer!

12. Mindfulness, Body Image & Your Wellness Journey

The self and world-perception both have tremendous impacts on the way we approach wellness. Tackle these topics with tact and sensitivity! Touch on values, don’t prescribe them. Validate people’s feelings. Find an inspiring real-world example, and then discuss how only the principle matters - not the context. Make it relatable, know your audience.

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