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BlogAll the resources HealthTrader offers to affiliates.

All the resources HealthTrader offers to affiliates.

2 years ago 10 Minutes

Not all affiliate networks are created equally. A key difference is how much support you are offered to succeed.

The HealthTrader team understand affiliates. In fact, many of our team members are affiliate marketers themselves. Because of this, we know just what we can offer to help affiliates win.

Below are just a few of the resources you can unlock when you sign up to HealthTrader. If you are looking for something that isn’t listed, contact your affiliate manager and we will let you know if it is possible.


Many affiliate marketers know that expertly-designed graphics convert well. There is no need to be a graphic designer to succeed in affiliate marketing with our expertly-designed banners.

For each of our affiliate offers, we have a range of banners designed and ready to use. The banners are available in all the popular ad sizes from a 300x250 medium rectangle to 728x90 leaderboards and more.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? We also have a free professional graphic design service available if you would like to get any custom content created.


A struggle for many affiliates is sourcing legitimate and high-quality product images. A great affiliate offer uses images that aren’t featured on the product’s website. That is why we offer a range of photos of our affiliate offers.

Our offers have photos of products posed in various scenarios and posed with real people. Some offers also have product videos available.

Again, if there are photos you think we’ve missed, or if you have a special request, please ask!

Product Reviews & More

The product review is a key tool in the affiliate marketer’s belt.

Whether you are looking for inspiration or English is your second language, our pre-written reviews are a great starting point for all of the information your review should include. We have included some reviews on our blog; the rest can be accessed using your affiliate login.

Other useful content you can find includes approved media quotes, demographic reports for targeting, as well as keyword research. It’s pretty much all done for you.

Promotional Codes

People love getting a bargain. In fact, some affiliates’ entire strategy is set up by offering coupon codes on just-about-anything. We offer promotional code generation for affiliates to create a unique code for their blog.

Ready to partner with the affiliate network that helps marketers win? Join Health Trader today!

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HealthTrader offers a wealth of resources and content to get your affiliate marketing campaign up and running.

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