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BlogIs Google Suppressing Your Affiliate Page? An In-Depth Review

Is Google Suppressing Your Affiliate Page? An In-Depth Review

1 year ago 20 Minutes

Some SEO experts reckon health & wellbeing may be one of the most rewarding yet trickiest industries to rank for. Part of the challenge is Google algorithm updates targeting healthcare - specifically alternative health sites.

Following Google’s core update in June 2019, many health sites reported a fall in organic traffic. One suggested reason for the drop in organic traffic is Google’s attempt to devalue sites that might contradict scientific consensus.

Marie Haynes conducted a comprehensive review of matching your content with scientific consensus. Key questions analyzed include:

  • Why Google puts value on scientific consensus for health sites?
  • What Google measures scientific consensus?
  • Does having affiliate links on a site make it less trustworthy to Google?
  • What can be done to help your alternative health site rank higher?

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