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BlogNourish your Food Blog with Affiliate Marketing

Nourish your Food Blog with Affiliate Marketing

3 years ago 4 Minutes

Food bloggers, we have a confession to make: we are ridiculously envious of you! You have combined your passions for cooking and writing into one spectacular hobby. Not to mention, we bet your kitchen often has whippings of roast chicken aromas or the scent of freshly baked cookies.

However, if you are here, we're going to take a stab in the dark that you want to elevate your hobby into something more. Perhaps you're curious about transforming your hobby into an income - potentially your full time income.

One of the most successful tactics bloggers use to monetize their blogs is affiliate marketing. By recommending helpful products, tools and services that can be purchased through links on your blog, you can earn a sizable source of side income. You're also helping your audience discover new products they may never have heard of before - a win-win really!

How Affiliate Marketing Can Grow Your Food Blog

Affiliate marketing isn't just good for your wallet; it can also be great for your blog! Here are some benefits of affiliate marketing for your food blog that you may not have considered yet:

Create a Loyal Community: Transform your audience of foodies into a loyal community who love and trust your advice. Recommending products that you love elevates you from a recipe-provider to an advice-giver. This may help your audience return to find your in-the-know recommendations that accompany your delicious recipes.

Discover New Products: You likely already have your finger on the pulse of new products hitting the market in the cooking or baking industries. However, as an affiliate, you have the perfect excuse to purchase these products and try them out.

Increase Blog Traffic: Currently your blog may only generate traffic for searches related to food like best pork pie recipe or how to peel squash without a peeler. When you add affiliate products to the mix, you are also generating additional traffic around the affiliate product.

Content Ideas for Food Blog Affiliate Marketing

Ready to nourish your food blog with a healthy dose of affiliate marketing? Here are some content ideas and affiliate products to get you started.

Delicious recipes to aid digestion

Curate a few of your favourite recipes that include a range of digestion-supportive ingredients - like the digestive foods suggested by HealthLine.

Affiliate product: Digestive Enzymes helps break down most foods to make the most out of your meals. It also has a scrumptious commission rate of 40%.

Stock up your pantry with these immunity-supportive ingredients

An especially popular topic in the colder seasons, this blog might contain an array of yummy ingredients that also help boost immunity, like the ones suggested by WebMD.

Affiliate product: Immune Complex contains some of the delicious ingredients suggested by WebMD, including elderberry and garlic. Immune Complex is a great affiliate offering with an average order value of $80.18.

Barely there apple cider vinegar recipes

Apple cider vinegar is a hot topic in natural health media for its many benefits - why not capitalize off its popularity on a blog post? Feature recipes with barely detectable levels of apple cider vinegar.

Affiliate product: For those who can't stomach the taste (or smell) of apple cider vinegar, Apple Cider Vinegar Pure offers concentrated apple cider vinegar in a convenient capsule. Also convenient is the commission rate of 50%.

The world really is your oyster when it comes to food blog affiliate marketing.

For up-to-date information on average order values and commission rates of some of the mentioned offers, talk to your HealthTrader Affiliate Manager.

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