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Blog21 Health & Wellness Blog Ideas for 2021

21 Health & Wellness Blog Ideas for 2021

3 years ago 5 Minutes

Search engines love regular, quality content. That’s a truth most affiliate marketers can accept.

That being said, coming up with witty, funny, clever content on the regular is no small feat. If you run a health blog that thrives on quality content, here are some ideas to inspire you well into 2021. Tweak these however you please, and feel free to add affiliate links where relevant. Do remember, if you only post affiliate offers, your audience will quickly grow bored of your content.

1. New Year’s Resolutions that Actually Work

Write an article about resolutions people can actually stick to. This can also be an opportunity to mention any of your favorite products that help people achieve their goals.

2. Top 4 Health Sources On the Web

Write an article linking to some good sources of health information. This is a great way to make your site appear more reputable.

This doesn’t mean linking to a competitor, instead link to a health source who doesn’t do affiliate content or who is in a slightly different category to you. If you promote supplements, consider linking to a dietician. If you promote sleep aids, consider linking to a yoga site.

3. Morning Habits of Successful People

Everyone would love a secret to success - especially your health-oriented audience! Discuss some healthy habits that can be easily implemented into someone’s daily routine.

4. Soul-Soothing Winter Recipes

List some of your favorite recipes. If you don’t consider yourself much of a chef de partie, feel free to link to other blogs. Again, linking to external websites can help build trust.

5. Alcohol-Free Recipes And Substitutes

This article has strong potential to rank well in the new year due to many people resolving to get “on the wagon” for the new year.

6. Affordable Ways to be Healthier

Write an article about health-hacks you have that cost minimal. This is a good opportunity to link some of your affordable affiliate offers. As an example, collagen supports healthy skin, bones, and joints, and our Collagen Complex starts from $19.80.

7. 12. Mindfulness Ideas For You Today

Or 9. Or 3. Or just as many ideas as you can think of! Mindfulness articles have been trending since the pandemic as people look for new ways to come with emotional uncertainty.

8. Natural Remedies to Consider

People who are interested in supplements are often interested in many natural and time-honored remedies. Consider writing about elderberry tea, activated charcoal, essential oil, or perhaps ashwagandha.

9. Homemade tea for relaxation

Many people indulge in a cup of (caffeine-free) tea to encourage relaxation. Include a recipe or two for relaxation. We also have a few affiliate options for sleep support.

10. My Favorite Herbs for 2021

People enjoy reading both personal recommendations and time-relevant articles. This article combines both into a sure-to-be-clicked article.

11. 3 Secrets to Delicious and Nutritious Smoothies

Many of your health-conscious readers are sure to dig smoothies combining many fruits and vegetables. Once again, create your own recipes if comfortable or link externally if not.

12. Less-Carby Alternatives To Popular Foods

Could you substitute ground cauliflower for rice? Spiralized vegetables for pasta? You tell me! Your audience may love to read about carb-free food alternatives.

13. How Telemedicine is Revolutionizing HealthCare in 2021

Telemedicine is the option to receive healthcare from home, something that became even more prominent in 2020. Health Trader partners with several telemedicine providers.

14. Benefits of Exercise for Joint Health

Exercising joints seems counterintuitive for joint health. Surely if something is damaged you should use it less, right? The answer might surprise you!

15. How Dental Health Impacts the Rest of the Body

Write an article about the far-reaching impacts on dental health. Health Trader offers some dental oriented products as affiliate offers.

16. Restoring Gut Flora For a Healthier You

Gut health is definitely a trending topic. Jump onboard by writing about eating varied diets, probiotics, and fermented foods.

17. Plants That Can Heal

If you opt for the healing that nature can provide, write an article about the healing properties of various plants.

18. Ten Side Dishes That Are Healthier Than Fries

Fries are a staple in the modern diet. These potato snacks are easy to cook and even easier to eat. Suggest some healthier alternatives in an article.

19. Coping Skills For Tough Times

We all hit struggles from time to time. Share some of your best methods for coping with troubling times.

20. Weight Loss Ideas You Might Not Have Tried

Write an article with suggestions for losing weight. This may be an opportunity to mention some of your weight loss affiliate offers.

21. Mindfulness, Body Image & Your Wellness Journey

The self and world-perception both have tremendous impacts on the way we approach wellness. Tackle these topics with tact and sensitivity!

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