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Impotence Affiliate Program

The impotence category has quickly become our top performer with many of our affiliates receiving thousands in commissions each month by promoting only a handful of products. It's not too late to establish your campaign. We have thousands of advertising resources and can show you how to build a profitable campaign.

Impotence affects up to 10% of the male population aged between 35 and 70. For many men, impotence is a problem that can cause embarrassment and leaves many feeling isolated. While many of the medications, such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, are well known, the majority of men do not know you can legally purchase prescription medication online.

The online clinics and pharmacies we work with provide free medical consultations for patients wanting to purchase impotence treatments. The consultations generally take around 5 minutes to complete and if the doctor finds that the patient is suitable for treatment, a prescription will be issued, allowing for the medication to be dispensed before been sent via courier. As a result, patients can purchase prescription medication without having to leave the comfort of their own home.

HealthTrader has also partnered with a number of other merchants who provide natural alternatives to popular prescription-only products. This allows you to provide your users with a complete range of treatment options, resulting in high conversion rates and more commission.

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Impotence Affiliate Program FAQs

Where do your merchants ship their products to?

Our merchants currently ship to most countries within the EU, with the exception of Italy. Our merchants who specialize in natural alternatives provide worldwide shipping options.

Do your merchants sell generic impotence medications?

Yes, many of our merchants will sell generic equivalents to some of the popular branded medications. All generic medications are approved for sale within the UK and are dispensed by the same UK-based pharmacies.

Do your merchants use discreet packaging?

Yes, due to the nature of these products our merchants provide discrete packaging on all pharmaceutical products. The packaging used is plain and the return address used will give no indication of the products concealed inside.

What is your top performing product in the impotence category?

Viagra and Cialis are currently the top-performing products within this category. All pharmacy merchant offers provide a list of their top-performing products, which are updated on a monthly basis. To view the list, log in to your affiliate account a visit the offer profile page. It should be noted that we have a number of new products within this category and we are seeing strong growth due to low competition levels.

What is your top commission rate?

It varies depending on the offer and the volume of conversions per month. Currently, affiliates can expect to earn between 13 and 17% commission on both new and repeat orders.

Earning Potential

Have a look at what you could be earning with our impotence program. The average order value is based from our top earners, Cialis, Viagra and Levitra.

Orders Per Day
Average Order Value
Commission Rate
Per Day : $35.92
Per Month : $1,39.10
Per Year : $13,319.10
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Market Leading Products

Have a look at just some of the products our leading merchants have on offer for the treatment of impotence.

Prosolution Gel
Prosolution Gel
Gold Max
Gold Max


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