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Premature Ejaculation Affiliate Program

Sign up with HealthTrader and start promoting our premature ejaculation offers to earn from this widely suffered and embarrassing problem.

Premature ejaculation is an issue that almost all men face at one time or another, with almost 10% within the UK suffering regularly. For those who experience this often, it can become humiliating. This is where our affiliates and merchants come in and save the day.

Our merchants have numerous treatment options for sufferers to use, including prescription pills and non-prescription supplements, sprays, gels and wipes. By signing up to our network, you will gain access to our large resources database containing everything you need to start promoting these products. Sign up now!

Revshare 13-30% per sale
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Premature Ejaculation Affiliate Program FAQs

Do these treatments actually work?

For the most part, yes. Scientists around the world have worked long and hard to develop various types of treatments for premature ejaculation. Each treatment affects individuals differently due to personal reasons such as expectations and experience. Statistics have revealed up to 95% of all suffers eventually find a treatment that works for them. Our merchants have a variety of treatments available, increasing the chances of consumers finding an option that works best for them.

What shipping options are available?

Our pharmacy merchants are able to ship products within the EU with the exception of Italy due to legalities. However, our non-prescription merchants offer shipping to over 50 different countries. Next day shipping is available in the UK and up 48-hour delivery in the EU.

What type of packaging do your merchants provide?

Our merchants use plain packaging to keep the contents confidential. Our merchants take this seriously, even the return address does not reveal any insights on what is within the packaging.

How do you track the traffic affiliates send to merchant sites?

We have a variety of tracking methods in place to track the traffic each affiliate sends to our merchant sites, which enables us to award affiliates with commission for any sales made by their referred traffic. We understand how important it is to accurately award commission, hence we use multiple methods. These methods include text and flash cookie, IP address, promotion code, referral source and customer ID.

What is the best way to get in contact with you?

There are multiple ways to get in contact with us. You can visit our contact page where you can send an email to our support team, start a live chat or give us a call. After signing up, each affiliate is allocated a dedicated account manager who is more than happy to help with any questions or issues. For continued support, making contact with your account manager is the best choice of contact.

Earning Potential

With our Premature Ejaculation Affiliate Program, you could be seeing higher earnings soon. Use the tool below to view your potential earnings with this program. We have used Priligy, V=Pro and VigRX to calculate the average order value.

Orders Per Day
Average Order Value
Commission Rate
Per Day : $35.92
Per Month : $1,39.10
Per Year : $13,319.10
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Market Leading Products

Please see below for our top-selling premature ejaculation treatments. Priligy is the only prescription treatment on offer and a must for affiliates working in this category.

Stud 100
Stud 100
Coolmann Delay Gel
Coolmann Delay Gel
Viaman Ejaculation Control Delay Spray
Viaman Ejaculation Control Delay Spray
Prosolution Gel
Prosolution Gel
Velv’Or Manhood Delay Spray
Velv’Or Manhood Delay Spray


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