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Affiliate Marketing Glossary

Affiliate Marketing Glossary

"Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

Affiliate marketing is an extensive topic covering many marketing channels. We have no doubt that there will be some disagreement about some of the descriptions, any feedback or new term request are welcome.

Above the fold

Above the fold is the term used to define the section of a webpage that is visible in a browser without scrolling. As this is the first section of a website that is seen by viewers, the area “above the fold” is where the most important and compelling information should be displayed.


AdSense is the Google program created for publishers (website owners) who want to earn money by displaying automatic text, image or video advertisements that are targeted towards specific site content or audience. Money is earned when visitors view or click on the ads.


An advertiser, otherwise called a merchant, is the company who produce and sell a product and/or service that affiliates can promote in exchange for a monetary reward.

At HealthTrader, our affiliates are rewarded with a commission of each sale they generate.


Affiliates (also known as associates) can be companies, groups or individuals who promote a merchant’s (advertiser) products online in exchange for a monetary value. This therefore makes an affiliate a virtual sales person.

Affiliate Data Feed

An affiliate data feed is a file provided by merchants that contain specific information about their products. These files contain information on product name and description, URL, image links, pricing and more.

Affiliate Link

This is a tracked link allowing affiliates to be rewarded correctly for generating sales, clicks or impressions.

At HealthTrader, affiliates are rewarded for the generation of sales and each affiliate link includes an affiliates ID in order for commission to be allocated to the correct affiliate.

Affiliate Network

Affiliate networks are the third party connecting merchants and affiliates. In doing so, affiliate networks provide affiliates with marketing material, tracking software, payment processing, reports and advice on how to better promote merchants and their products.

HealthTrader is an affiliate network specialising in health related offers.

Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are provided by merchants for affiliates to use to promote merchant products and/or services in exchange for a predetermined monetary value or commission rate.


An algorithm is a sequence of rules or instructions used to solve a problem. In relation to SEO, the term is generally a reference the Google algorithms used to index websites in order for the best search results to be displayed.

Anchor Text

This is the text in a hyperlink that is clicked on in order to be redirected and it should be relevant to the page being linked to.

Anchor text is an important factor in off-page SEO as it influences which keywords a website ranks for.

Article Marketing

This is a form of advertising where businesses write and publish short industry related articles with the purpose of increasing brand awareness and improving organic search results.

These articles can be published on related websites to increase traffic and improve page ranking through quality backlinks.

Authority Site

An authority site is a website recognised as being superior and as having an authority on a topic. Websites are considered to be authority sites when they publish quality information, have high page rank, are well designed and when they are considered experts in their niche.


An autoresponder is a program that automatically sends predetermined email responses. These emails can be a response to various types of actions such as signing up, subscribing or they can be generated based on time for example, newsletters.


Aweber is an email marketing tool enabling easy management of email addresses (opt-ins and opt-outs) and the sending of emails.