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Green Coffee Affiliate Program

Green Coffee is the latest weight loss product to gain widespread media attention with appearances on numerous television programs, websites and magazines.

The green coffee supplements offered with our Green Coffee Affiliate Program contain the green coffee extract taken from unroasted green coffee beans. While the roasted bean creates the wonderful flavour that we all love, as it has to go through an extensive roasting process this results in the bean losing up to 90% of the primary anti-oxidant and fat burning components on the unroasted bean.

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Green Coffee Affiliate Program FAQs

What are green coffee beans?

Simply put, these are coffee beans before they have been roasted. In their unroasted form, the green coffee bean contains high levels of chlorogenic acid which has been shown to provide various health benefits.

How do green coffee beans aid in weight loss?

Green coffee beans contain a variety of nutrients which help boost energy and increase weight loss. The antioxidant, CGA, found in green coffee beans slows down the release of glucose and therefore reduces the amount of glucose that insulin stores as fat. CGA also enhances the liver’s ability to process fatty acids. High levels of caffeine give consumers that extra boost needed to support a healthy and active lifestyle which is supplemented with the intake of proteins, amino acids and lipids also found in the green beans.

Are there any restrictions of who can use green coffee products?

We recommend that those with existing medical conditions or about to undergo surgery should contact their healthcare practitioner before taking our Green Coffee supplements. We also recommend that those who are pregnant or lactating should consult their health care practitioner before consuming.

Why should I choose to join your Green Coffee Affiliate Program?

Green Coffee has recently gained widespread attention for the weight loss and health benefits that can be gained from the unroasted bean. Due to this attention and worldwide healthy eating trends, demand for our Green Coffee supplements has increased significantly, making it an ideal product for affiliates to promote.

Key Performance Indicators

Our statistics make it easy to compare your campaign’s performance and our Green Coffee Affiliate Program.

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Product average 4.2%
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Product average $32.84
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Product average $4.56
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Product average £0.19

Earning Potential

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