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Ensuring we track every impression, click and sale is at the core of our business. Here at HealthTrader we have combined many of the market-leading technologies to create a tracking system that is both reliable and accurate.

Unlike many of our competitors, we use multiple factors including Flash and text cookies, IP address, referral source and voucher codes. When used in combination we significantly reduce the chance of any commission being missed.

Our server uptime and response times are critical in providing a level of service that we can be proud of, for this reason we make our server uptime reports openly available, click here to view our statistics.

Akamai Cloud Network

We utilise the Akamai content delivery network (CDN) for all of our tracking and content delivery. With over 84,000 servers in 72 countries the Akamai cloud network ensures a fast tracking experience for users while also ensuring content such as banners load quickly.

Reporting and Analytics


We don't like hiding behind walls and believe it's better to show you more than less. With HealthTrader we offer you more than just graphs; you can also export the raw data for every impression, click and sale in just one click.

Sub Campaigns and Groups

Get a better understanding of your campaign's performance by creating sub campaigns and groups. Drill down within your reports and analyse the performance of individual links.

Actionable Reports

We provide you with the key metrics that matter. Compare your campaigns, analyse the performance of a single landing page or compare your stats against averages taken from across the network.

Resources you actually use


Filter through thousands of professional banners and if you can't find what you're looking for our free banner design service is also available.


Stop using low-resolution images, our offers have hundreds of professional high-resolution images and photos available to use. Simply search and download.


This section can be a real treasure trove. Users can expect to find example content, approved media quotes, demographic reports and keyword research.

Product Feeds

Create your own product feed by selecting the format and fields you want. Our products feeds can also be published, allowing for live updates.

Promotional Codes

Create your own unique promotional code to track offline campaigns or simply provide an extra incentive to your visitors.

We speak your language


We currently provide support in 7 languages. This means that you can not only access the software in these languages but also contact a native speaking support representative.


While we like the British Pound we understand that it's not for everyone. HealthTrader supports over 30 currencies from Japanese Yen to Indian Rupee and our rates are updated hourly.

Blair Atkinson
Blair Atkinson
General Manager
Esala Wierzbicki-Saxby
Brand Manager
Jorge Escudero
Jorge Escudero
Data Analyst
Jibin Aliasar
Jibin Aliasar
Affiliate Support

Guaranteed Payments

It's simple, all your transactions that are marked as 'Approved' will be paid on either the 1st or the 15th of each month, dependent on your payment preferences. On average, transactions are approved within 2.8 days and we don't have any long transaction cool down periods.

We currently offer payments through Wise, Paxum and International Bank Transfer. We have a minimum commission threshold of £100, there are no hidden fees of any kind for processing your payments.


Create beautiful looking price tables within seconds that can be easily customised to match the look and feel of your own site. Proven to drastically increase click through rates, these low maintenance widgets also update themselves in the event of any price changes.